Chris Cochran Communications specializes in services for organizations centered on providing behavior-based traffic safety programs. Chris can work as an independent consultant/contractor or, if the organization is a State Highway Safety Office, his services can be obtained through the GHSA CSI program.

As the only independent consultant specializing in communications, public relations, media relations, advertising, outreach, public awareness campaigns and more for the traffic safety sector, Chris offers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Assessment of Communication Plans and Strategies – Review, evaluate and offer recommendations of media relations, marketing, public relations, outreach, advertising and all other external communications efforts.
  • Communications Planning – from small project to master plan.  Help in building your brand, building your base, building your resources, resourcing what matters, setting your realistic goals, turning resources and goals into action.
  • Speech Writing/Spokesperson/Presentation Training – four decades of experience on both sides of the camera and behind the podium.  Award winning speechwriter with emphasis on writing to target audiences as well as press events. Building and speaking skills for effective and memorable presentations.
  • Short Course on Terms, Resources and Usage for Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Media Relations and Other Communications – increase proficiencies to effectively communicate with contractors, management and peers with the knowledge of practical and technical resources, terminologies, usage and concepts needed to plan, develop, produce and evaluate a variety of diverse projects.  What are vector graphics versus jpg versus tif and when are they used?  How is digital different than social media? What do you need – CPM, impressions, GRP, TRP, reach, frequency, CPCV? Direct outreach or experiential?
  • Staff Training/Retreats – emphasis on group and co-worker communications, relations.
  • Grantee press release template development and writing – extend the message.  All news and all outreach is local.
  • Media event planning and execution for best (and multiple) effect.
  • Coalition/Task Force Building & Facilitation – building bridges through interpretation and translation of concepts across disciplines.
  • Data Analysis – particularly in gleaning what’s really needed from data and using data to contribute in new ways to look at issues.
  • Report Writing, Editing & Research

Additional services, including media production, can be found here